Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Gender Discrimation of the second kind

"This post is written for BLOGESHWAR and Anubhooti."
Those who say that gender discrimination does not exist in the world are lying to you. We just try to pretend that it is not there but it is very much present, always! I have been a witness to blatant gender discrimination and so have you. It is just that we men are not yet courageous to admit that we are irked by this. Yes you read it right! I am talking gender discrimination against men!

DO you not believe me? Let us walk through!

Looking at the range of colors available in the market: When you go to the market, all the shades that the guys have, say, in their jeans are black, brown, blue, blue-black, black-brown and darker or lighter tones of these shades. In all, there would be like five or six different variety of clothes. And that’s it. On the other hand, when a girl goes shopping she will have like a couple of hundred different designs of clothes to choose from in the first place. Then come the dozen odd colors in each dress. Then they come to the material in microscopic details. And then there are matching accessories for each dress and what not! No wonder that over 90% shops in any market cater to women’s attire.

FB wall of men and women: An average guy, when he posts any status update, will get a couple of comments and some half a dozen likes. On the other hand, when a girl posts any update, however insignificant it may be, will generate enough buzz to put Google buzz to shame.

In India, when you go to any place; there are bound to be queues. Even in these queues, the fairer sex has a special place as a parallel queue. Even in Delhi Metro, they have a segregated coach to themselves. Now, how effective it is, is a matter of discussion. But it is the idea that counts doesn’t it?

Shifting our focus to the stupid box, we forever keep on hearing about the “Saas-Bahu” dramas. Have you ever heard of a “Sasur-Damad” soap? You have Komolika bindis available in the market but do you see Loha Singh moustache anywhere?

There are even some vocations that are an all women territory and if a man decides to go into that domain, they are considered in the same category as people would consider Rakhi Sawant and MNS folks. Nuts! Not only vocations, there are several places of education which are dedicatedly reserved for the fairer sex. Were it the other way round, there would have been a furore. But not here. After all the "ladeej" need their share of privacy!

Doesn’t all this talk make you think if women are the ones being discriminated against or is it the other way round?

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PS: The post is written with a sense of humor and I would appreciate if readers could practice the same. I know that women, in general, are very shoddily treated in India and we do need to be more proactive in prevention of cruelty to women and girl child.


  1. Jack Sparrow: The only rules that really matter are these: what a man can do and what a man can't do.

    Essentially, the discussion on discrimination (race, gender, class, poverty etc) is just posturing to extract maximum benefits for the particular set of people who claim discrimination. IMHO.

  2. right on...i luved the women only queues part...kinda makes me glad...but ye i know you wrote this in humour...but since you touched the section of vocation well as a woman i've always felt a certain pity towards men...i mean we as women (and i basically am touching upon the urban-educated lot) well we have th luxury of choosing any kinda job we want...if we wanna go for the high paying management jobs or go professional as a lawyer or a doctor etc...we easily can...but then we also can go for designing or teaching or pampering ourselves with hobbies both expensive n inexpensive which basically keep us busy whether or not it brings in any income is usually not a problem....i mean a woman can at a certain stage not work at all and it wont matter....

    but imagine a guy going the same thing wont live the shame down...i mean look at school teaching ...its a woman's domain..if a guy buddy of urs claims that he is genuinely interested in being a school teacher he would end up hiding himself from the rest of the world for years..

    poor guy he just wanned to follow his heart...

    but i guess thts the tragic really doesn't go that way...

    thnx for the post btw... this is sumthing i had been meaning to write on...well since i didn't make it a blog post...ur post gave an outlet ;)


    may the remaining of your life be devoid of such cruelty :D

  3. hahaha...would love to watch kyonki sasur bhi kabhi daamad tha soap....

  4. In one of the blog post of Cyber Nag questions were raised about gender bias in which I commented that Men’s chauvinistic approach can be seen everywhere,they feel threatened if a seat is reserved for ladies. Many a times they argue about the equality of gender!

  5. Mihir Desai11/03/2010

    Yeah dude !
    We need ladies seat reservattions in buses. After all, being able to compete with men in all spheres and winning in CWG doesn;t qualify them to be strong enough to stand in a bus.
    Like secondary citizens, just vacate the ladies seat as it is for the "Abla naari".
    You could have also posted a review on laws openly biasing against men !

    Btw, Indian Women don't treat their women well !
    And for all that they inflict over her, they deserve punishment good enough that is set over here.

  6. Though you mentioned that this post was written just in humor but still would like to comment on something which is quite untouched !

    Today's well educated women across the country say that they can walk step-by-step with men and believe you me I have no probo in accepting that I believe in it completely that a women can walk step by step with man I really don't find a major difference between abilities of men or women but the question is if we men and women themselves accept this fact then why do the women need "reserved coaches" "why thy need to be respected all the times" "why laws like 398A are acted with just one word of a women" I don't find this things a probo generally but when a women turns to me and tell me tat I'm independet and I can walk beside you These questions do come in my mind !

    Aditya Bhasin is a blogger who writes on

  7. I d prefer not to comment on this topic.
    I have had my share of woos and shoos for writing on this instigating and intriguing topic :P
    Nice read and good luck with the contest.

    DO visit my blog and let me know what you think of my article

    good luck with the contest

  8. Gender discrimination happens with both the genders but it's more on female side and we want more than Komalika's bindi. Don't bring in silly reason and say guys are ignored. Consider middle class and lower class women, that's where the gender discrimination mostly seen.

  9. since u wrote it as a light hearted post its well accepted :) and when it comes to shopping and tv am on ur side...poor guys ;)

  10. AS, since you wrote this piece in good humor...I accept all the accusations. However, on the color coding part, the moment people stop tagging everything pink (or red) with a female...that will be the start of a new era :)

  11. lol.. sasur damaad show.. i wonder if it will run for even 1month :p.. there is more spice in saas bahu relationship compared to sasur damaad's .. haha

    nice post.. enjoyed reading it..

  12. @Ignoramus (aka Gullu), Aashi, Always Happy: Welcome to my world of Wandering Thoughts... Feel free to explore more

    @Gullu... true... but then again what would life be if any of these variation were not there? Would the life not turn to be as boring as a plain vanilla ice cream; optimization for extraction of benefits or not!

    @Aashi: I doubt if mine, or for that matter anybody else's, life can be truely devoid of any such "cruelties"... and yes I do agree that there are certain vocations which are by default out of window for the males... there is more onus on males and at times it may seem to much... but i think that we have been conditioned in that way and that it really doesnt matter all that much :D
    I am glad that you liked this piece... look forward to having you back for more!

    @Always Happy: Wouldnt we all want that! BTW, I did see Rajesh Khanna and Akshay Kumar dancing together on one of the TV shows!

  13. @SRA sir: At times males do feel threatened with such scenes. I travelled in Delhi MEtro some days back and was shocked to see men behaving in such a rude way and entering into ladies only compartments despite women requesting them not to...

    @Mihir: hmmm... kya comment karein ab... that very true what you said... but that was not the spirit of the post... true though it is!

    @Aditya: As I told Mihir above, what both of you mentioned is very true and something that we need to work on in the times to come...

    @Muddassir: Thanx for appreciating the post... did go through your post earlier... will comment on it for sure... and ATB to you too!

    @Ujjwala: I think now tagging pink or red with females phase is now over... nowadays u have guys wearing shades that even gals might feel ashamed of donning! But I am glad that you liked the piece

    @Raniiiiii: I hope I have added enough i's :D
    Do not under estimate the power of sasur damad shows... nobody thought that saas bahu shows could be so interesting in the pre ekta kapoor era! all we need is a male version of ekta kapoor... and the sasur damad shows would be selling like hot cakes

  14. @Nethra, Sarah, Omus: Welcome to the world of my Wandering Thoughts... Feel free to explore more!

    @Nethra: Dear, the post was written in a light humour and I do agree that for a lot of India, women are still treated shoddily and we do need to work a lot to compensate for that! Looking forward to see more of you in the future...

    @Sarah: Poor guys indeed... Looking forward to see more of you in the future...

    @Omus: I feel that at times it may be necessary to have such reservations because the women are so innately oppressed in India that at times such measures are necessary to try and change the mindsets of people around.. They might not deserve the reservations but there are a lot of things like female foetecide; dowry murders etc as well that they do not deserve... Looking forward to see more of you in the future...

  15.'re hilarious.
    You've really got a knack for writing in lighter veins.
    Keep up the good work.

  16. @Manmishr: Welcome to the world of my Wandering Thoughts... Feel free to explore more! Look forward to more comments from you in the future... and I am glad that you liked my posts!

  17. Anonymous11/15/2010

    the forgetful guy i am i guess i had already posted a comment out here but its missing or i didnt post at all.. god knows..
    its a nice one.. i dont know why ppl take these kind of write-ups with a pinch of salt.. i quite liked it.. i myself have been a victim of that colour thing.. :P

  18. @Vivek: We all have been a victim my friend... And I am glad that you liked the post

    @Digitizing: Welcome to the world of my Wandering Thoughts... Feel free to explore more! Look forward to more comments from you in the future. My point exactly... and at times people feel ashamed to admit that they are being discriminated against compared to women :D

  19. Humorous it is and the shopping part is kinda accurate! ;)
    On a serious note, gender discrimination not only male and female but in other forms should be prevented. The world is an equal space for everyone :)

  20. @Ranjini: Think this is your first post on my blog so a big Welcome to the world of my Wandering Thoughts... Feel free to explore more! Look forward to more comments from you in the future.

    And yah we should avoid any kind of discrimination.. read a post on racism in India some time back... do read thru it as well!

  21. Geetha Nair11/24/2010

    At least in my environment, I find ladies to be too powerful, and my blood boils to see "reservations" for them. I always think "Do they deserve"?

    you seems don't understand the sufferings and discrimination women faced in past. Women need more than 33 percent in Parliament and courts too.

    I hope Everyone will accept the fact that 50 percent for women atleast. Anything less than 50 percent is discrimination towards us.

  22. @Geetha: Welcome to the world of my Wandering Thoughts... Feel free to explore more! Look forward to more comments from you in the future.

    While I understand with the idea and the emotions that you must be feeling, I am, on a personal level, against any kind of reservations be them on the basis of caste, creed, sex or any other criteria! Let alone 50% at that!

  23. @Pankaj: I wouldnt be too sure about that either :D

  24. Loha Singh Ka Mooch kaha milega ??? Mujhe chahiye please !!!!

  25. @Varun: Let me check that out on ebay and will let you know! :P


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