Tuesday, February 23, 2010

IIML-Kolkata Week

The last week was amongst the best that I have had in the recent times while I am here in Kolkata... Couple of f from IIML had come to the city. So we decided to do a get together at one of the friend's home. Gagan played the role of a gracious and graceful host perfect to the last letter. The bakar session pre- and post- Soup-Dinner-Mishti was enjoyable.

Then two days later, we people again met on a Saturday for a quick get together before Kapil leaves for mumbai. We watched an entirely forgettable movie, which we nonetheless enjoyed because of the company that we had. After the movie we had a nice group dinner in the food court after which it was decided that all that was needed to top off this enjoyable evening was a cuppa tea at a tea wala at "Gurudwara" (I hope I got that right). I didnt go for that but I am informed by my truthful contact that it was another enjoyable experience with bakar on one and all topics; especially some rather favorites of discussion at IIML. Nothing more needs to be said after that. I am, ofcourse, sorry that I could not join that session and jealous at having missed all that.

On sunday, had lunch with another friend from IIML, Kuchi Ravi, who has recently been married and posted to Kolkata from Hyd. He and his wife (Pra)Dipti were a good host and it was another very well enjoyed day. She had prepared a number of dishes and we ate them in South Indian Style. Oh and I forgot Gaurav Mukherjee also came for lunch... So all in all we had fun.

Forgive and Forget?

They say that it is a symbol of great that they forgive. It is said that only great can forgive, the lesser beings can only forget.

I think that there are somethings which are simply so huge in life that one feels that there is no way that those things can be forgiven or forgotten.

Recently, there was an episode of chain mails which exposed how a group of people, expected to work for people, can be so deceitful and vengeful. I feel ashamed of ever having associated with them... Having something in common with them.. their entire frat brother community.
A whole lot of people trusted them, trusted them to do right for themselves and their friends. Not only colleagues, their seniors and their juniors trusted and this is how they repay that trust.

And they say that we did it out of frustration... and then they say sorry.

Is the apology enough? Is it enough to cover the damage that they have done to the entire community?

I ask... How can they live with themselves?

Friday, February 19, 2010

Percy Jackson and the Olympians - The Lightening Thief

When I had written the original post about Percy Jackson and the Olympians, I didnt know about the movie... Now that the movie has released today in India... I plan to watch it at the earliest. I just hope that like all the movies based on book, even this one does not turn out to be a dud either.

PS: Okay not all movies as LOTR series was good :D

Dear Bored Out of Your Mind HR Guy

Below is a post from my friend's blog... Liked it a lot so am Putting it here... The original entry can be found at: http://jagritminocha.blogspot.com/2010/02/dear-bored-out-of-your-mind-hr-guy.html


25th January 2010, Kolkata

The bored Hr guy/gal reading countless applications

The little, fat, despo for a job guy

Subject: Basic etiquettes

Dear random HR guy/gal,

Every other day you receive applications from hundreds of despo guys/gals, everyday you randomly shower them with your (in)attention. Every day you make them suffer with doubt about the usefulness of applying, as they can’t even be certain that anyone is taking out even a few seconds to read their application.

Since you are too bored/unmotivated/busy to write a simple acknowledgement or rejection letter please allow me to illustrate to you a simple three click strategy to send a simple acknowledgment or rejection letter. To do this you need to do the following steps:

1) Enable “canned responses” in google labs (a feature of gmail) and save copies of acknowledgment or rejection letters (I suppose maximum would be these). A Helpful tutorial here: http://www.readwriteweb.com/archives/gmail_canned_responses.php
2) Whenever an email comes follow the following three click strategy
a. Click on reply
b. Click on canned responses and select the appropriate one
c. Click on Send

If possible, please use the above method to, at the very least, send people a rejection letter. It will tell them that someone is taking some time to read their application.

After all it is basic etiquette to reply to someone talking to you.



The little, fat, STILL despo for a job guy