Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Forgive and Forget?

They say that it is a symbol of great that they forgive. It is said that only great can forgive, the lesser beings can only forget.

I think that there are somethings which are simply so huge in life that one feels that there is no way that those things can be forgiven or forgotten.

Recently, there was an episode of chain mails which exposed how a group of people, expected to work for people, can be so deceitful and vengeful. I feel ashamed of ever having associated with them... Having something in common with them.. their entire frat brother community.
A whole lot of people trusted them, trusted them to do right for themselves and their friends. Not only colleagues, their seniors and their juniors trusted and this is how they repay that trust.

And they say that we did it out of frustration... and then they say sorry.

Is the apology enough? Is it enough to cover the damage that they have done to the entire community?

I ask... How can they live with themselves?

1 comment:

  1. Everyone justifies their own actions. Everyone.
    Even if with the flawed logic. Its just that these people might justify themselves to be shade more intelligent than the community and hence intent behind the actions. But same as you, neither i will forgive or forget


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