Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Thoughts of a poor man

Following is a guest post by Abhirup

The wind blows
And the ice melts,
The poor dies
and poverty lives

You were not different
from me brother,
You have the same
blood and flesh and bones

The same winter shrills us both,
The same summer warmth us both,
We played in the same fields
and sat under the same tree

But are we different now?
You live in palaces,
I live in huts
You are King, I am just a servant

I worked hard all day and long
but my child still went hungry to bed
Did you ever experience
What it feels to starve?

Were we this different?
You looked at me but walked away,
I kept looking at you,
Perhaps you will turn back

You enjoyed a lavish meal that night
But I had to starve.
I died a week later,
Did you shed a tear brother?

You had to live,
and I had to die.
The poor had to die
And poverty had to live.

But did you shed a tear brother?
I ask myself.
Perhaps you did or perhaps you didn't
But I had to die for poverty to live.


Abhirup Bhattacharya did his graduation in Fashion Technology(Apparel Production) from NIFT following which he worked in Egypt as merchandiser for clients like Walmart. He will be joining the NMIMS Core MBA program from June 2011.
Twitter id: abhirupbh


  1. awesome bhaiya. it is actually a wondering thought. i wish we can do something about them. help them out or awake our govt. to work on this issue. i m realy filled with emotion after reading this poem.

  2. @Mahak: Welcome to the world of my Wandering Thoughts... Feel free to explore more!

    I too feel strongly for these issues! and want something to be done too! So, for the time being, lets do what all we can!


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