Monday, April 5, 2010

Commonwealth Games 2010 – Part 2

Further continuing in the series of articles for commonwealth games, there is one particular observation that I would like to make.

We Indians have an innate infatuation with the western culture. Whether it is reflected in the way we try to copy the western way of speaking, their clothing, styles, cultures or even their movies and songs. Take the case of any gala event in the country. If you look at the event closely enough, you will realize how “western” oriented the theme is. How the media will go in frenzy over an international group performing, however obscure they may be. On the other hand, our local talent; however good it may be; is almost always ignored.

To this extent, I would like to propose at least one item for the inauguration ceremonies of The Games 2010 – Prince Dance group of the “India Got Talent” fame.

This group is a bunch of rural folks from Orissa, India. Some of them work on farms, others on such equally blue collared works. However, they are an amazing bunch together and have given out some of the most amazing performances.

Some of their videos can be watched as below.

It would truly be a shame to let such a talent go waste and instead spend crores of rupees getting some foreign performers to come here.

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  1. Anonymous4/05/2010

    Prince group is seriously cool


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