Friday, June 25, 2010

What Women Want?

Whether they give or refuse, it delights women just the same to have been asked.

The chief excitement in a woman's life is spotting women who are fatter than she is.
 ~Helen Rowland

What women want? That is a question that philosophers, theologists and what not have been pondering over since the dawn of the life. I am sure even Adam must have faced the same problem when dealing with Eve. How he overcome that problem, and I am glad that he did or else there wouldn’t have been such a contest for the lack of participants and organizers, is something that we will probably never know.

At different points, we hear different responses to what women want.
•    An email forward that I got some time back narrated the story of how an old witch married a young man and gave him two choices: a) Should she remain beautiful in the day and become a hag at night; or b) Should she remain hag in the day and become beautiful at night? The young man told the witch the witch that she can chose the option herself. To which the witch decided to remain beautiful ever because what she wanted, and by corollary all women want, is to be in charge of their own destiny.
•    Yet another forward lists down some things that women want from men and from society in general including Respect; some Chivalry; conversation and not just talking and listening; tactfully dealing with whatever issue is bothering them and the works.
•    Yet another article on net states that they just want to sort out other’s lives. Plain. Kapish.

A Mel Gibson, Helen Hunt starrer “What Women want?” in 2000 discussed the same issue. The protagonist wants to know what women want for a cosmetic Market Research and ends up with an ability to hear women’s thoughts and makes the life better for him. Wish it was that easy!

I personally feel that despite all the ruckus and ponderings and thought processes going on about what women want, despite the various researched and market studies and questionnaires and surveys, the answer is pretty simple.

Even women themselves don’t know what they want!

Even women concede this point. At MY Sun's Woman forum, user ‘lovelyrita’ confessed that guys might find it difficult to figure out the female mind. She said: "How can men be expected to know what women want when women don't know what they want? Some women are their own worst enemies!"

But imagine… what if the women are asking themselves the question “What do men want?” Perhaps they are every bit as confused about opposite sex as we are. And they try to act according to what they think that we want. And men, mistakenly, take that as what women really want and try to base our actions on that.

Incidentally, I feel that what a woman wants is:
  • A successful career for their children
  • For their husband to appreciate their work and the food they cook, irrespective of how good or bad either may be
  • For their bosses to appreciate their talent
  • To be able to spend some free time as and how they want
  • Respect from those that she respects

This is in response to What Women Want contest at BlogAdda.


  1. I saw your link on Blogadda, and I have to say, yours in the best post I've read in all of them. Women don't know what they want! And they don't know what men want either; it's as much a mystery to them as 'what women want' is to men.
    In stead of relentlessly wondering what the opposite sex wants, be yourself. I'm sure, in the end, that's the best option!!

  2. @ Priya: Glad you liked it... I also believe that instead of thinking about what others are thinking, its easier to be the way you are and then let things shape up

  3. True! True! True! We don't know what we want and i am completely clueless abt what men want...he he he...And oww!I have seen myself behaving so irrationally many a times doubting my sanity :D. If u do something for me i wud say "who asked u do this for me" and if u don't then i wud be like..."wth???why cudn't u do this for me?" (so hard to please, eh?) LOL..yes i think women waste a lot of time in thinking what wud make her man like her more and more and more but only in an insecure relationship i believe or wen she is wants to woo a guy. Also, women just pretend that want to be in control of their destiny...agreed they dont want anyone to force their ways and opinion on them (part of being a modern woman)but somewhere they always want their man to lead them (including 'leo' females ;)). Well! don't generalize the ways in which a man or woman can be attracted (most of the times i get irritated on being asked out)...all of us are different...try to do things that pleases ur partner but that shudnt result in losing ur original good self. hey! am i diverting from the issue in case?????

  4. "The chief excitement in a woman's life is spotting women who are fatter than she is"

    In my case i feel extremely happy when i spot a girl who is thinner than i am....rofl! Its true :P

  5. Anonymous6/25/2010

    i agree...i do not understand men in any shape or form..

  6. I found your post very interesting and one of the best posted till now..........

  7. The things that you have mentioned women want, aren't those same as what men want??

  8. @ Priya (Second one): I am glad that you liked it a lot and the rest ofcourse we have discussed over the chat... disappointed that you cudnt use "that" as you SM

    @ Shraddha, Dr. Bhuyan, Rakesh, Gagan: Interesting observations... both men and women alike feel that they dont understand the women and hence the second guessing other's thought process. I feel while men think "what women want"; women also might be thinking "what do men want".

  9. @420 (seems like I am addressing a robot in the futuristic times): A big welcome to the world of my Wandering Thoughts... feel free to explore more...

    I am glad that you liked the post :D

  10. I have gone thru some of your other posts on this like Top 5 things women want etc.. I must say Aashu, you were always a fast learner but am amazed at your speed this time around even more, in less than a month's time your understanding is perfect...... Trust me the farther you go, the more confused you will be and still will have no clear understanding of all this...... But at the end of the day you will still love it..... This is what at least I could understand in last 17+ years that I could not understand anything..... Cheers! Best wishes.

  11. @Brother: I am glad that you liked both the posts! And yes I do agree that there is still a lot for me to fathom as yet and I do hope that I am able to do justice to all that!


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