Thursday, June 17, 2010

A step back on the evolution ladder

Comparing a man from Neolithic age to a modern day average man, you can see several things different, or which were lacking in that person; which can be broadly counted as:

  1. An inclined, slouched posture
  2. Lack of knowledge
  3. Inability to strings two words together
  4. Decreased comprehensive ability 
  5. Lower cognitive skills
  6. A gobbled up language
  7. Reluctance (sometimes due to lack) to wear proper clothes, in effect revealing more than hiding
  8. No concept of social communication with others except their close group

Now looking at the younger generation, that is to say people in the tweens and teens of nowadays; you can immediately notice several things:

1.  I am sure all of us have seen the evolution cycle at some point of time. And if you are a human then you must have noticed how the teenagers walk with a continuous slouch. Now, I am sure some of it must be due to the heavy bags which they were make to carry when they were young (it was easy back then… now any effort to make them do anything is met with a reproaching glare and a weeklong sulk) but that’s something Kapil Sibal has taken care of now by ensuring that no one fails and hence no need to study. Ergo no need for heavy bags. But that still doesn’t solve the problem of slouching and as a result they walk as if they have de-evolved

2.   They are dumb. No talking about the JEE and PMT cracking dudes and dudettes, the average teen is dumb and other than bookish or freaky, western knowledge; doesn’t have an iota of practical gyaan.
3.  Trying to talk to them is like talking to a Gorilla or Chimpanzee, partly because they ALWAYS have earphones plugged and partly because they can’t speak in proper Hindi or English. They are only comfortable with Hinglish and that too with words with not more than two syllables. That is to say apart from their “ummm”s and “hmmm”s and “like”s and “basically”s.
4.  Another aspect of talking to these people is getting them understand what you are saying, preferably after a couple of efforts only and not more, and not getting frustrated enough to either strangle yourself or wishing for a horrible explosion to wipe out their existence.
5.  While the computing technology has advanced to the level where multi tasking is not a new concept but something that everyone takes for granted, the tweens have once again gone a step backwards and adopted an “only one task at a time” framework and come hell or high water, you cannot take them off it or watch them sulk for an eternity. Probably doing two things at a time might prove to be too strenuous a task for the fragile empty showcase that their tiny brain is.
6.  Have you ever had a chance to read a message from them? Count yourself fortunate if you haven’t; because the way they write English makes you glad that they were not present when the language was being finalized as it would have been a major pain to read through it all. But why the hell do they have to write complete stories in this f****d up language? Imagine, if we had Ved Vyasa write the Vedas and Upanishads in SMSese. That would have been something to be afraid of.
7.  Looking at the tweens, even the spawns of some of the more effluent families, the first thing that you may think is what the hell is he wearing? Torn jeans, faded Che Guera shirts which barely cover their asses (literally so) and both of which (shirts and jeans and not the third thing mentioned above) are ten sizes bigger than what they should be wearing. Net Result: A Rhinoceros wearing Elephant skin and being under the impression that it is looking better than a peacock in their full plumage in the rains.
8.  To put it in nut shell, they don’t know how to be socially adaptable. Very rarely have I found a teenager who is comfortable in a social kind of setting unless it involves people in their own age group. And forget them helping you out if you have had a busy day and suddenly a dozen guests come over to your place. They will just plug in their earphones and ignore everyone else. In that aspect, they are worth two locked doors and a trick staircase (meaning worse than useless and with substantial potential for being more harmful than helpful) (always wanted to use it since I read it in HP).

No I am no child psychologist or a historian by any means, but even the least observant reader may be able to notice how the defining characteristics in the two “species” are similar. This could only mean one thing… We are moving back the evolution ladder!

Your views please!

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  1. Hi Aashu
    As usual, a well written note. But the question here is that who is to be blamed, the new generation or the older one, who were to guide them to be or not to be? What is ur take on this and what should be done to move a step forward at least if not more?

  2. I think that to some extent the parents are to be blamed as the children dont know any better and the parents need to act as a guiding force and help them make the right choices while at the same tight be careful to tie them to a leash and totally prevent them from making any decision on their own at all.

    PS: have a look at this video on facebook which I found to be an interesting watch!/video/video.php?v=1308457511436&ref=mf


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