Friday, August 20, 2010

Random Thoughts

Just today, I was talking to my family. We were planning what to have in dinner. Different views were being contributed all across the bed but we could not reach any consensus. Tired of this daily exercise, I suggested to my cousin who is pursuing her M Sc in Food nutrition that she should take, as her research project, the onerous task of devising a pill so that we do not need to eat or cook food. A simple tablet should do the trick.

Then, we had a discussion which I will sum it up here... We all work because we need to eat good food, do to good places. The lower class likes rickshaw worker and masons etc work primarily to earn four square meals of the day. If a pill was to be devised in which a pill, once eaten, would last a week or something; or any similar variation of standardization... Where would the variety of life come from? Why would I want to earn loads of money when all i have to do is pop the pill... better to lead a more of a comfortable life.

That got me to think... what would happen were we to go to a WALL-E kind of state when day-in and day-out you are doing the same thing, meeting only the same people and wearing the same clothes for months straight. How dull the life would turn out to be... A mass of blob all across... Where would the difference in life come from? What would be the initiative for one person to differentiate themselves from the others?


  1. ist that exactly what has happened to us? Most of us do almost the same kind of work everyday in our job.. maybe with minor variation every once in a while!!

  2. Gagan: Thats so true... and thats what takes the fun out of work! Though, at every job, we do have that peculiar set of people which, were they in campus would have been killed for excessive CP... And god knows what motivates them... certainly cudnt be work :D

  3. Aashish, I think the opposite - I think if we all didn't have to worry about where our meals would come from everyday, we might all be doing stuff we love but we're afraid to do, and living massively better lives.

  4. @Sakhi: That could be the case were we living in a decent enuff world... But as it happens, and by whatever I have seen (which is not too much by the way), I feel that given an opportunity, most of the people would rather laze off than actually work when not required (Me included) :D

    There might be some very self motivated people out there but they would be in definite minority... look at whats happened in eastern India... with people having more or less assured jobs in the prolific mining industry, they are not willing to work a lot thereby leading to a decay!

  5. Hmm...well, that may be. But I think it would become like the state in eldest where the elves don't have to work for anything, and thus create beautiful arts.

    Well, lets agree to disagree. It was a certainly a thought-provoking post.

  6. @Sakhi... We do seem to be agreeing to disagree a lot these days :D. ANyhow, thanx that u found my post be interesting :)


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