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Good wins over bad. Or does it?

In our history, we have been told, that there are several instances of good winning over bad. Be it in the case of Ramayana where the good Lord Ram scored a victory over the Ravana. Ravana was a bad guy who had kidnapped her ladyship Seeta. And Lord Rama had to fight an epic battle to behead all the ten heads of Ravana and take back what was rightly his. A victory for good. Doesn’t really matter if her ladyship was put on trial and then had to be “absorbed” by mother Earth herself.

Let us take the case of Mahabharata. The good Pandavas were wronged by Kauravas and cheated out of their kingdom. Leave alone the fact that they were gambling in the first place, they were wronged nonetheless. So they had to employ Lord Krishna’s service to gain back what was rightly theirs. Another victory for good.

So it is all hunky dory. Isn’t it?

Now let us take a look at the real life, shall we? I will talk about three separate instances.

Firstly, my personal favorite, The CWG scam: Here is an event which has been in the limelight for over five years. The state and central governments, having made enormous efforts to host a game of international stature in the country, were having their fruits fulfilled. So it would have been logical for one to conclude that no efforts should be spared in ensuring the games went smoothly. But they couldn’t have been any more wrong about it. well partly right because no expenses were spared, that’s for sure. But the games didn’t go amoothly from any perspective. Till the last moment, no work was complete, the roads were dug up with utility infrastructure in place. Contractors and suppliers made crores and crores out of the good taxpayers’ money. The hard earned money which should, ideally, have been utilized to provide infrastructure to the general public. The Delhi public, in turn, faced additional hassles with many roads being closed down, dedicated blue CWG lane, dug up and not repaired roads and so on and so forth. So where did the good win over the bad?
Some might say that the investigations are on and the culprits would be properly punished. But we all know how the ‘investigations’ proceed.

Secondly, the much publicized hit and run cases:The jats turned millionaires courtesy M/S DLF, sons and daughters of rich politicians and Forbes people, film stars have been a victim. Not a victim of the hit and run cases but the victim of excessive media coverage when THEY hit and run some stupid migrant laborer sleeping on the pavements and dividers just because they own a BMW or a Mercedes or even a Honda City does nicely in these cases. And for no fault of theirs. After all, the stupid laborers are the ones to be blamed for all this. Why did they have to sleep on the pavement not in a thirty seven storied residential complex in Mumbai? Just because they were poor enough to not afford any accommodation is no excuse. So these spawns of the riches are forced to pull all their “contacts” to not go into a jail or custody. How does it matter if some laborers, the sole bread earner of their families, die in these accidents? After all “Aisse bade bade shehron mein aissi chhoti chhoti batein hoti rehti hain” (Such small incident do keep on happening in such big cities, a modified dialogue from DDLJ)
Another victory for good over bad; or is it?

Thirdly, just for fun sakes, the ubiquitous Vamp and Villains in the stupid box: I am sure that a lot of readers are females or have females in their families. And if it is an Indian female that we are talking about, ten to one, she will be hooked to one or more of the gazillions of the Saas/Ba/Ammaji/Ma-sa and Bahu/Vadhu/Bindani drama serials. And please do not think that only females are the ones addicted to it. Several men are also equally addicted to these shows; could be for some different reasons altogether, but hooked nonetheless. So, having looked at these serials, there are bound to be more than one vamps and villains in the storyline whose sole purpose in life would be to undermine the position of authoritative figure and/or the main protagonist. In case of vamps, they can be easily recognized by the tightly draped sarees which look as if they have been plastered over them, an elegantly created rats’ nest on the top of their head, ear rings as big as hoop-la’s and a weird bindi design every episode sometimes different even in a single episode. She always cries in front of everyone but has a sly grin on the face whenever one of her dastardly plots materializes. The main protagonist lady can be recognized by the demure attitude, lame and lack luster clothing, inane attempts to keep the family together and a fake smile in front of everyone and tears when she is alone. Who do you think is the winner in this case?

And they say good always wins over bad!

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  1. very thought provoking post and complete post started with history and end up with the migraine inducing daily soaps.very well written and left some questions to be answered .I think definition of good and bad varies from person to person .

    great effort and vision .all the best for the contest.

  2. History is written by winners, who portraits losers as evil. All the best for the contest.

  3. Ashish bhai, great talent,nicely narrated.
    my personal outlook is good & bad is relative.
    truth told with bad intent is worse.

  4. @Doc, Harish: Welcome to the world of my Wandering Thoughts! Feel free to explore more!!!

    @Pramodji: Even my views exactly, I also wanted to write how good and bad is relative, just as you said. But thought against it.

    @Doc:I too think that the definition of good and bad varied from person to person. I am glad that the post was able to serve its purpose of invoking a thought in the mind

    @Harish: Very true that history is written by winners; but we are not only concerned about history. It is the present and the future that we are more interested in!


  5. 'Might' is always right and WE are the always looser!

  6. @Aashish.... r we not missing a point here? In those 2 epics also initially and in fact till end many wrongs happen but they depict ultimately Good wins over Bad. So whatever is happening now is the initial part of battle and ultimately only Truth and Good will prevail>>>>>>>> As usual a nice post once again

  7. The rich have to cheat to get rich in India...the poor need to learn from that!
    The corrupt politician we all stand up for during their chief guest appearances is the foremost sign of our societies saluting the wrong! and Oh man, do we fall over ourselves to be seen by him!

  8. @Nalini: @Hemant: Welcome to the world or my Wandering Thoughts... Feel free to explore more...

    @SRA sir: Did not get you!

    @Bro: Yes in the legend the truth and the good did win towards the end but that doesnt really happen in the real life. In real life; a good person with ideals to abide by goes hungry in the night. All the talks of ideals etc are only for those people who already have enough of their own to not worry about anything else. But, I do hope that you are right and this is just an initial part and good prevails towards the end. And thanx for appreciation!

    @Nalini: I think it is atleast supposed to be more of a mark of respect than anything else. But yes, I agree that the same politicians are elected over and over again by the same stupid CM (Common Man) who forgets the ill done to them earlier on!

  9. wow.. very well narrated..

  10. hey..good work. a different way to handle d topic..i liked it! :)

  11. @Raniiiii, Sarah: Welcome to the world or my Wandering Thoughts... Feel free to explore more... I am glad that you liked it
    @Raniiiii: Whats your blog? Couldn't find it!

  12. Mihir Desai11/01/2010

    Another great post aashish !

    U always seem to hit the nail on the head.
    The world is unfair and unjust; we better get used to it.
    But lets talk of some good things :
    1. CWG: Someone made a fortune !
    2. BMW: System is flexible !
    3. Saas-Bahu: Some out of the world, "Strategic Management" lessons for Harvard / IIM.

  13. @Mihir: Thanx man! Those "good" things are there for sure... but are they something that you and I would consider as good? And yes a case study for the best of the B schools!

  14. Yes this is the fact that always winners are Goodies over bad persons. Nice and valuable post. Thanks!

  15. It is a battle of good and bad from the initial. And the true winning is always for Good!


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