Friday, October 15, 2010

Random Theories - Part 1

I was told by a someone special that I am good at certain one liner theories. And I have been watching too much of How I Met Your Mother and of lately THE Barney Stinson seems to be growing on a mind, a lot. True Story!

So here it goes; my first attempt on formally jotting together some random theories in a weirdly worded fashion so that someone, somewhere might take them to be words of wisdom (which if you have been reading till far, they are not) spoken by a wise man (what should I say) in a ‘Zen’-Like state (I am yet to achieve this… am still at Maruti 800) (Please don’t kill me if you get this poor attempt at humour)

A glass of water Theory: This is theory to be exercised when you are continuously told that you ought to do a particular thing more often. The idea here is that when a person is thirsty, they are more likely to be thankful for a glass of water than having an instantaneous source of water whenever they want. Thus, they will cherish each and every drop of water that they get. Were they in access to large resources of water, they would end up being like Indian Bollywood. Read a snippet here.

For instance, the more you talk to someone, the lesser your calls are valued by them. Similarly, if you are the kind that is very well known to dispense advice at every instance, people are bound to not take you seriously. On the other hand, if you are the silent kind who speaks only when necessary and offering the same kind of advice as the former, it is found that the people value the advice more when such people speak. Some smart people also like to call this as expectation management.

PS: Please exercise caution while practicing this theory with bosses.


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  2. Anonymous10/19/2010

    Great Post.. Well Written..

  3. @Sayed: Welcome to my world of Wandering Thoughts... feel free to explore more!

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