Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Farewell Kolkata - Part 1

Friday, 12th March, 2010
3:45 PM

I finally left the Kolkata office Coal India for the last time. I really do hope that I don’t have to return to it again... At least not for paper chase. But I would certainly not mind making a trip to meet several of the friends that I made over there.
As I left the office, I was accompanied by Prakash Sir, Rahul, Sachit and KK. Must say that I was truly touched by the gesture because these people took out an hour of their time to drop me to a cab and bid me a farewell… Touching indeed.

A few of the friends that I would like to make special mention of…………………..

Rahul: His name springs first in my mind because he was the closest that we had in our age group in the company. He was an excellent friend and always there for us. We had oodles of good memories, good food (cooked in his kitchen) and lot of good ole bhasad. After all “Bahut Mazze Liye hain humne”.

Prakash sir and family: Theirs was immediately next door family to my apartment in the company allocated accommodation. Their young son and daughter and all the family noises helped me get comfortably settled in the new and never before explored “environment”. They were always there to help us out and of-course sometimes (okay a lot of times) with freshly prepared home cooked delicious food that would sustain you for days altogether. But all said and done, I couldn’t be more thankful of the homelike feeling that they developed on our floor.

Reddi Sir: He may appear to be strict but let me tell you… It’s all a façade. This person really is a very good natured at heart. You ask him something and the first thing that he will do is scare you or question your question your question or something like that before he gives his advice. But truly speaking his advice is amongst the best that you can get.
Vijay Sagar Sir: With more than 6 feet to his stature, and a crop of dashingly white hair; you might think that the guy must some kind of actor or something. Well, partly true as he is in the crop communications and public relations department so that a bit of acting and the stage persona involved there. But that apart, this guy is one hell of a knowledgeable person. Truly intellectual, he can talk on any subject with amazing fluency that you would think that he must have prepared for it before hand.

A special mention to Warriar madam: Thank you very much for those very very tasty Idli, Sambhar and Chutney. Can’t forget it… EVER.

This is but a fraction of the people that I met their and frankly I was surprised how wrong first impressions can turn out to be. When we think of PSUs, we think of old archaic people who do not want to change, still working in the old manners and probably still speaking Victorian English. But I couldn’t be more wrong. True that still a lot of the oldies do actually work in the closed, insulated environment and don’t want to change. But that changing and fast… not as fast that I would have preferred but steadily indeed and I expect that in the next decade or so, the reforms would really take place fully

PS: I am not mentioning other Management Trainees like me because they are all my friends and of-course we were all bonded by the common “sufferings”. :D Though something on them in the next post.

PPS: If you have noticed that there is a lack of mention of Female colleague, it is simply because there is a dearth of them at CIL. OF course MTs don’t count as they have a separate post for them.
PPPS: Everyone mentioned above, other than Rahul, have crossed their 40s.


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