Thursday, March 25, 2010

Farewell Kolkata - Part 2

A brief about some of the friends that I was with at CIL. It was a unique experience being with all of them and we shared a lot of memories amongst us. Ones that will surely last a lifetime.

Jaggu: Let him be the way he is… If you disturb him you will be greeted with a baleful stare. He is odd but in a good way. He is one person that will do weird things, or not do sensible things, just because his mood dictated him that way. He is also a terrific cook. He makes food for the most of us over there and boy was it tasty or what. He used to make lot of PJs but now, apparently, he has given them up (Raaaaaiiiiiight!). Check some out here. (I know right isn’t spelt like that but I wanted to make it sound really long)

Sachit: At more than six foot, and a burly physique supporting it, this giant of a guy could not be in more contrast to his true nature. He is a real soft spoken person and likes to watch TV series… A whole lot of them. Every week. But he is one person that you know that you can depend upon. I am sure that he will do wonders in the world of I-banking once he gets there.

KK: If I have to picture him, I will picture him as wearing a half sleeve T-shit, faded blue jeans, S**** in the left hand and mobile in the right (Talking to a particular female... same always). As a friend of mine said, KK has only ON and OFF stage. This person doesn’t have any intermediate stages. He will either sit (or rather talk on his phone while smoking) or just blow his top off. And that has nothing to do with the significance of the issue at hand.

Raja: A white Sardarji who is known for wearing Sunglasses all time long (atleast when he is not in his room). He has some particular habits like having some “calls” at odd hours and at strange frequency, or like his sleeping habits (I have only heard of it) but none of which I would get into now. He always has a smile on his face and he is always looking for an opportunity to what’s called in hindi as “kisski maarna”.

Gopesh: “Yaar roti kyyon nahin mangwayi?” would probably be the first thing that he would say at a dinner. He is a fanatic about proper food and having rotis with his food. He is a good person, albeit with a strange sense of humour which may not be digestible to all. And heaven forbid if you are stuck with the diabolical combination of Jaggu and Gopesh.

Priyanka: I think the smallest in the entire gang of MTs, don’t let her size fool you. She is sharp as a thorn (oops!). She is a good company to be with, fun and really smart. But one thing that you remember the most about her is her smile and her unique way of saying Bye. And she is a reasonably well cook as well (No offence Jaggu.. You are the best)

Ritu: She cooks really different kinds of foods but that’s not to say that it is not good. In fact, it is amongst the more tasty ones that I have had. But she is very unique in the way that despite the fact that she had a paternal aunt in the city, she decided to go solo and fend for herself by staying in the guesthouse. And with her mellifluous tones, she makes sure that you can’t ignore her as you feel she is all around you. But she has an amazing patience with kids running all around her room and even making an effort to teach them a thing or two.

Aniruddha: God forbid if you dare to surf net when it is his chance to. Be prepared to be faced with a sulky Pal. An avid gamer by nature, he loves playing DOTA, Warcraft and what all. And he actually loves to play all these games. I mean REALLY LOVES. At all times. Even between breaks from his extensive SUTTA and Phone routine as well. And he gains an otherworldly joy when he defeats the CPU in any game. Since he was with my field training, I spent an extensive time with him. One instance I remember is when one of officers staying with us at the MCL guest house said to me “Please tell that guy with you… you know the one that is on phone at all times, to smoke less”. And that was whne we were almost next door neighbours for more than a month and a half. One thing that is very particular about Pal is that he doesn’t like to eat Roti… Either Poori Sabji or a non veg item or South Indian. Period. Don’t ask me why.

Sarita: “Ungli Neeche”. She is very particular about these things. But I must admit she is one hell of a person. Very hard working by nature; I have seen her read through reports so thick none of us would have ever dared to even open them. Even some of the senior officers were exceptionally impressed by the thoroughness of this gal and the due diligence with which she is known to read through the report. Though, in their group (you know which one I am talking about), she is notorious for not keeping back the laptop at the designated place.

Sorry that I can’t write about Pooja, Vineet, Gaurav and Shivaji because I couldn’t have a lot of interactions with them and so couldn’t catch a lot of their traits… Except one thing for Vineet.. That guy loves his bed (Wherever or whichever floor that may be :D)… There was a phase when we would see him in bed when we leave for office and then see him in bed when we come back from office (Still talking about the same day)

PS: If you notice that in this and the previous post, food was mentioned at a lot of places and you felt it out of place… Well food was an important part as being in Kolkata is not easy for Northies especially if one is Vegetarian.


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