Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Holi - Festival of Colors!

At the best of the times, I am not interested in playing with colors. Least of all at Holi. I somehow, feel that this is all a childish kind of a thing and that we should grow out of it.

This was the reason that this year, I did not participate in the Holi celebrations in our Company Society. Some of my friends did venture out amidst "Abir" and "Gulal" and lots and lots of "Pukka Rang" (admittedly they bought it themselves). And I thought that I was free, yet again, from all the colors and hours of bathing and scrubbing to rinse out the color. Little did i know that the fate was ROFLing at me at that instant.

A quick knock on the door and suddenly i am drenched in something of a blue-green colour. The effect was such that it made me look like something out of the movie "Avatar". The only think that I think was missing was some kind of Glitter to get me that native Pandora-ish of a look.

Post this, it took me an hour's wash to get the worst out of my hair (Literally!) and even after two days of normal bath after that (including trying F, soapm Shampoo, Rin, Vim etc to get the colors out of hands etc); I still look like some person green with envy (Believe me... I am not envious... Green though I am)


  1. Sukrut3/03/2010

    bilkul alien dikh rahe ho, not envious, scary!! jaldi (aur sirf) Rin lagao - baaki use karne se daag nahi jaayega, balki pakka ho jayega


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