Monday, July 19, 2010

Animal Behavior

I am sure that most of us must have seen, at least in India, hordes of animals moving along, dropping pieces of crap along the way. Also, we all must have seen our fair share of people throwing their garbage from the window of their moving vehicle. Be it fruit peelings, empty wrappers or other disposable items; people are unwilling of keeping even a single piece of scrap in their car and want to throw it out at the earliest. Me thinks; it is the psychological manifestation of the animal genes in the humans that they behave this way. Since it is impolite to excrement in the public and mandatory to wear clothes in general appearance, again at least in India; people resort to the waste discarding mentality in some alternate manner.

What say you?

1 comment:

  1. I agree, we all have witnessed this behaviour many times. I really don't know what makes many, including lots of literates also, not to keep it even a bit of it in their own car and can't wait for a suitable place to throw it and rather prefer to dispose it immediately....Really i can't figure out the reasons but find it absurd and uncivilised behaviour.....May be I wd go with you in describing it as an animal instinct...


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