Friday, July 23, 2010

My Dream Job

“Har kisi ko mukammal jahaan nahi milta, kahin zamin to kahin aasmaa nahi milta;
jise bhi dekhiye vo apne aap mein gum hai, zubaa mili hai magar humzubaa nahi milta;
bujhaa saka hai bhala kaun vaqt ke shole, ye aisi aag hai jisme dhuaa nahi milta;
tere jahaan mein aisa nahi ki pyaar na ho, jahaa ummeed ho iski vahaan nahi milta”

- Ahista Ahista, 1981

“Find a job you enjoy, and you'll never work a day in your life”

- Confucius

In an ideal world, we would all be doing the job that we always dream about and be happy doing it. But this is not an ideal world. We are not perfect. We don’t end up doing the job which we really dream about (most of us don’t). And hence, end up being miserable in the job which we are so sorely trying to fit in. And why so? Because of the misplaced expectations that we think we have to fulfill. Because of the name tags that we have associated with our names and the need to prove to your peer group that you are as worthy of that tag as the rest of the world. And that’s where the problem begins.

That being said, I have a lot of different aspirations for my job. It’s a different matter altogether that whatever I am doing currently is slightly different than what I would like to do. But as I said, it’s not a perfect world.

So what is my dream job? Actually that job would need to be invented and cannot be said as being ‘A’ or ‘B’. so let me see what all do I want to do the most and then let’s see if we can come up with something… Shall we?

Perhaps I have seen one too many of the spy movies but I have always wanted to be a covert CIA operative/ MIB agent kind. Now I know some may say that I do not have the disposition for the same but I say “technicalities”. And I would really like to be one. So, if CIA is reading this blog perchance; I am open for recruitment.

I also have passion for cooking. I like to cook all kind of foods, like to eat them (many can testify for that) and like to cook for others as well. So some job which would let me cook as much as I want to… Of course not Michelin 5 star kind of cooking but everyday kind of cooked food that you usually crave for once you have been in and out of hotels once too often.

I also like to be a mentor to students. I like to believe that I have good teaching skills and a temperament to go with it. It also goes very well with my hobby of reading and reading is something that I am always ready to do at the drop of a hat. I can never resist a good read.

And it’s a trend nowadays to be particularly thoughtful of the needy, whoever they may be. From the blink-and-you-miss kind of TV celebrities to the Rakhi Sawant wannabe types to the oh-so-thoughtful BrAngelina who have decided to adopt the entire wide world to the celebrity contestants on the various TV shows; all are in one way or other trying to help the needy. And after all, we all are human and we need one thing or the other to get it going for us. Hence, to that extent we are all needy… even big shot politicians who are in need of more and more government sponsored projects (Read Commonwealth games) to fill their own pockets, to business men whose sole aim in life is to suck their shareholders dry (Principles of management be damned).

So to sum it up, I think that my dream job would be as a Guide/Mentor/Professor in the morning to help the “Needy”; a chef by the night to feed the “Needy” and the “Poors” of the Forbes lists; and in background working as a CIA cover ops guy with Batmobil car in the garage and flashy high tech gadgets.

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  1. Okies i think im confused :). U want so many things!- serve d needy n al- dats pretty cool n frankly hard for me to imagine cos im really quite d opposite (as in not d samaj seva type). Noble though n sounds rather sincere too.

  2. @Sadiya... This is more of a humoristic take on the issue... Though I am serious abt the secret service thing... would love to be that!!!

  3. @Restless... Thanx buddy.. needless to say... the same goes for you as well!!!

  4. Money is not everything in life, at least this is what they say, who have already made enough of it.

    Nice thoughts Aashu but let them come only after you have realised the above statement. Self realisation is the best. Best wishes,

  5. Well written buddy but so many dream jobs? a different one..

    I wish you a Good luck for the contest, My Dream Job..

    Do stop by Saravana Kumar M - My Dream Job

    Yours Frendly,
    Saravana Kumar M

  6. @ Saravana: This is more of a humorous take on the topic instead of description of an actual job... What I want to signify through this post is that for my dream job, I would have to dream on...


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