Friday, January 14, 2011

Things which make India tick!!!

Saas-bahu soaps: No post on India could be complete without a mention of the omnipotent, ever present Saas bahu soaps. All the women go to bed completely decked out in embroidered saris and wake up without a single hair out of place. The vamps are better dressed than the best of the actors with over arching make ups and sharp features. And not only women, men are hooked to these as well (I mean soaps, not the vamps... well sometimes vamps too)

Corrupt Politicians: In the land of Modis and their truckload of paperwork, Rajas and Kalmadis; what would the CEOs discuss in the board room if not the way the nation is being run by the fat, corrupt politicians. What would the newspapers be covering if not for the notorious antics, rape and other accusations on these "Bhala Manus" (Gentlemen)

Cricketers and Movie stars: In a nation obsessed with cricket, every child following the sport is more of expert than the buffoons at Statistical Analysis and Data Reconfiguration centers. When every living thought is dependent on performance of Indian cricketers vis-a-vis South Africa/Australia/Pakistan/New Zealand/Any Other; how can cricket be ignored? Also, in a place where Bollywood is akin to religion, everyday ablutions of the superstars are the source of headlines for the tabloids. Every cough and sneeze is a source of fascination to the masses.

Stray animals on the streets: Where streets are littered with litter (no pun) of puppies, hordes of bovine and cattles; where Cow is considered to be a scared animal; it is really difficult to keep the animals off the streets. especially not n

Galli cricket: Again the Indian obsession with cricket is very evident in this rudimentary form of cricket that we Indians love to play. A national holiday, sunny outside and a vacant parking --> Ideal conditions for playing cricket. And incidentally, that is where the stars of the cricket rise from.

Punjabis: Well lets face it. All said and done, Indian culture, especially Northern Indian; is prominently imapcted by the boisterous, loud and warm punjabi culture. And we are the best.

Item numbers: Be it Sheila ki Jawani or Munni or Badnaami or Beedi Jalani... The item numbers are a surefire hit every single time.

Under construction work: Just like the city that never sleeps, India is a country where the work never finishes. That is also saying something about the infrastructure investment that the government is undertaking on behalf of the public; it is an equivalent statement about how long a typical project takes to get completed and how, by the time one work finishes it is already time to start over to refurbish the entire thing.

Over-inquisitive neighbors: Well what would your neighboring aunty do all day if it were not for the daily soaps and the fact that she has to absolutely know who all are coming and going in her neighborhood. After all, what use would that long neck of her come to if no to peer over the boundary walls between the neighboring houses. And lets not even talk about the concept of Personal space because for a lot of people, there is no such thing.

Street Food: Even the mention of this topic makes one hungry. In a country with as varied food habits as anything, with street savories ranging from Chaats to Tikkis to Rabris and Jalebis; it is a literal feast for the senses to enjoy it all.

Bargaining: Who can resist a good bargain. I can not. We have entire shops built on the premises that people love to bargain. People bargain the hell out of the vendor even if it is 10 rupee toy that they are planning to purchase. Read a detailed post here.

Bigger than thou weddings: With each passing year, every one is trying to outdo the other person by planning a bigger, grander wedding than the before (Proverbially the one that people will remember for eons). A Most detailed coverage here.

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Inspired from an article on rediff here.


  1. Good Analysis Aashish. Some other things which come to mind are - street vendors, beggars on the traffic lights,pot holes, rallies, etc.

  2. @Thakur Bhai... Am glad that you liked it... the list is endless because India can be defined by so many and yet so few things :D

  3. Superb compilation :D
    Loved reading your blog !

  4. good observations dude.every word of it is funny ,yet true!:)

  5. @Midhun, Raji, Mike: Welcome to the world of my Wandering Thoughts... Feel free to explore more!

    I am glad that you guys liked it!


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