Monday, January 17, 2011

Thank you all!

It has been about 14 months that Wandering Thoughts was conceptualized. Today, my blog crossed an important milestone. Wandering Thoughts now has 100 followers on Facebook.

Hence, this post is dedicated as a thank you to all the 100 followers on Facebook, 32 followers on Google, Five followers on Networked blog and 39 subscribers on Feedburner.

Thank you for having the patience to go through the lengthy ramblings of mine, participating in the discussions and providing me with your unique perspectives.

I shall always cherish the special comments and people that I received through WT


  1. HM..good to know that you have a good following.:)So here's your 33 rd follower:)

  2. @Mike: Well I will try and get as many as I can, though I personally do not like to go overboard with marketing of my blog... If people like it they will read it or else not!

  3. Hello Ashish Sood,

    Congratulations on such a great blog. Is it possible to use your picture of Indian street food if you do not mind? If you have the high density one I can even pay for the use if its a nominal/resonable price. Thank you very much. R. Rohit Singh


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