Thursday, February 17, 2011

Top 5 things that she wants from you!

One thing that the girls cannot get enough of, are the complements. So, heaven forbid if you decided to let go of an opportunity to praise her dressing style, the way she looks, her nail paint and the works. At times, they are known to drop hints and lines you are supposed to catch and take the discussion with them. The best bet in this case is to be attentive, ALWAYS, when with them and despite however they may be; and LISTEN to all that she says.

Somehow they get a kick in trying to have fun with you if you missed even a bit of what they said. They will always feign indignation at your apparent lack of interest, raise hue and cry and playfully refuse to tell you the thing. The best way out of this mess is to humor them and keep on cajoling them to reveal that itsy bitsy peace of info.

Curtsy and Chivalry are the two things which are, at times, assumed to be dead but definitely not for our desi femme fatales. They most certainly want their men to open the doors for them, offer and pull up seats for them, and help them cross the road. While women empowerment people may raise hue and cry over the fact that men are trying to undermine the authority of the females and not allowing them to progress by providing them with an undue preferential treatment; even they are secretly happy when a colleague offers them a seating place.
At times you may be called upon the arduous task of helping them in choosing what shade they should go for. So, even if you don’t know the difference between cyan and fawn shades, it would really help your case if you would feign interest and actually have some conversation with her about what shade of nail paint suits her complexion most. It is not the actual color shades that she is interested in but the fact that you are paying attention to what she is actually doing. The best option for you is to take a careful look at all the shades that she has short-listed; pick any random one and stick to it. If it is a shade that she actually likes, she will be happy at your “participation” and you get to have a treat. On the other hand, if she doesn’t like the shade, she will laugh at the silly you your poor color combination skills and proceed to buy a shade of her choice while still giving you brownie points for “participation”.

And the last, but definitely not the least; CHEESY LINES! However much everyone says that the cheesy lines are passé, our female friends cannot get enough of it. Any confrontation? Try a cheesy line about her looking even better when she is angry and watch her melt faster than butter in 500o oven. Did not pay attention to her when she was asking which dress to wear to the party? Try complementing her on looking beautiful in any which dress.

Trust me! It works!!!

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PS: In the coming days, there may a lot many posts on weddings and such relationship facts. So please request you to stay tuned.

PPS: I had written an earlier post on What women want? Do go through it at your leisure!


  1. Nice. keep going..

  2. Your learning curve is very steep :P

  3. @Vaibhav: I am glad that you think so! I just hope that I keep on avoiding the "plateau" for as long as I can!

  4. I see you have learnt a lot. in so little time. brilliant.
    insightful wanderings.

  5. @Pramodji: Thanx sir... I am glad you liked it! and I am sure you could add a few more of your own :D

  6. Could it be possible that the women you know are as pathetic as the men I blog about? ;)

  7. @Blah: Firstoff, Welcome to the world of my Wandering Thoughts... Feel free to explore more!

    Secondly, cummon why would yu call them pathetic? I toh feel that these cute characteristics form a part of what they are! And, truth be told, who doesnt fancy flattery and curtsying?

    But yes I do know a lot many pathetic men :D

  8. Also add at right times..... A little extra fat looks good on you or a little extra fat adds to your beauty and all that stuff........ Where as normally it is not easy for ladies to carry even slightest of fat but she carries it perfectly and looks beautiful......... I do this and It really helps as long as you maintain that serious, otherwise if not, you aer gone man....

  9. you should read Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus if you have not done that already. its a different perspective altogether to understand women from under'standing' women. its their dynamic thinking ability that crushes our hearts.. trust me, even if they say they dont like a thing but their look smiling and happy, go for it. its their way to make you do things... am sure you know it.. hahah

    dude, since your wedding you have turned out of Indi!~ we miss you on the ActiveBloggers thread...

  10. @Basketball: What can I say dude? The truth speaks for itself!

    @Bro: Practical tips ehh? I do hope that I am able to do justice to all this and much more!

    @Hemal: Actually I have read that and it is very different treatment of the matter! And there are ALWAYS undercurrents in all the thoughts and discussions and you had better be aware of them or you are a goner!
    PS: I have been on a month long hiatus and not been in touch with Indi! Will soon be back on full flow on both ACTive thread and otherwise as well!

  11. @Mike: My experience precisely!

    @Parkcouture: Then do get him to read it :P

  12. @Simmons: Lets agree to disagree on that one, shall we?

  13. @Funny: Maybe it is the quoatations on your funny T shirts :P

    But this is similar to what simmons above shared...

  14. @billig, Web Design. Russel:

    @Web: In the kind of society that I live in, and the most of the girls that I have interacted with; almost all of them are flattered equally by such cheesy lines.

    @Russel: What can I say man! You would, then, know it better than all of us!

  15. @Penny: I can not claim to be an expert in such advice, quite the contrary...

    If she is rude, she may actually be not in a mood to engage you!

    If you are convinced that despite being rude, there is still a possibility that she might like you; you persevere with all the goody goody stuff, flowers etc and be as good as you can.. So that finally she has no other option left with her!

    Hope it helps!

  16. Good Advice. When you love someone you teach them. Blessings from Australia

  17. @Mary: Welcome to the world of my Wandering Thoughts... Feel free to explore more! Blessings are always welcome... from wherever and whoever!

  18. hey! back to ur blog after quite a long time :)
    and i dont understand y do people need to perform such laborious tasks and think so much to make a women happy. i believe we get happy on any simple, genuine and true action :)


  19. @Sarah: Welcome back! What I would not give to believe what you said! But, sadly, I have had experience to other effect!

    But that does not mean that girls dont get happy on any simple, genuine and true actions... They do... but only when it is accompanied by one or more of the above mentioned things :D

  20. great article - thank you so much for this. No woman no cry :-)


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