Friday, June 17, 2011

A colorless life!

Sunder is your average 7 year old kid. He lives with his parents. His parent migrated from Munger district of Bihar to Delhi more than 10 years back. They wanted to live the great Delhi dream of earning more than just their bread and butter. He has two siblings, a 12 year old elder brother and a 2 year old sister. Like all the kids of his age, he doesn’t want to study. All he wants to do is to roam around in Delhi, from this street to that street, sampling different kind of foods, playing different sports etc.

Except that in his case, he doesn’t have an option to study since his parents do not have enough money.

Sunder lives with his parents on the pavement around the roundabout in front of Jaypee hotel. They get all their postal and other communication delivered at pillar number 237, opposite Jaypee hotel; on the Dwarka – Noida metro line.

He roams from this red light to the next red light, at times even chasing a sympathetic looking lady in the car; hoping that this excursion might end up with him being a rupee or two richer.

He gets a different takeaway order every day, as they have to beg a different food stall owners for previous day’s leftovers.

In the name of clothing, all Sunder has a two shirts, which are by now so ragged that it is difficult to decide what color they originally had been. He has three pajamas which he wears in rotations, just so that he gets a feel of wearing something different than the usual stuff; though for all it matter, they are as different from other as a grain of rice in a pile. Though, he has a special set of clothes for some special occasions. A shirt, without holes, which might have been navy blue once upon a time but now is a faded blue with the face in beard in cap just barely visible. His trouser hangs only an inch above the ankles and can still be recognized a denim style.

What color do they have in their life, I wonder? If it were in my power, I would like to bring more color and joy to their lives; and not just the crimson color of their blood when they are hit by a runaway vehicle which crushes them in their sleep.

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  1. wonderful article bhaiya, i totally agree with you that if power is there in our hand, everybody would like to do something for them. but bhaiya, i feel that power comes from you, like my mother, she is actually contribution by doing small small things for them, she is a school teacher, on every children day, janmashtmi she give them books or colors or pencil box, erasers. not only this she give them our old clothes so that they can have something to wear. i have actually seen smiles on their faces when mom bring something for them and they respect her and this gives her happiness too.
    i have seen few of my friend who prefer provide them food rather than money....
    so if we all do something for them, rather than feeling bad for them then i thing slowly steady we can improve their condition...
    realy thank you for sharing this article with us because i feel that this kind of awareness may be make everyone realize that we are also equally responsible for this condition.. because we are seeing them but not doing any thing...
    thank u bhaiya

  2. A heart rending tale of these innocent children, for whom every day is full of struggle & helplessness .. This article really made me search for all those Hit-n-run cases & i found some big shots, be it Sanjeev Nanda or PuruRaj Kumar, who have been acquitted by our "Responsible & Wise Judiciary" even after committing such heinous crimes ..

    Though, i agree that we too should do our part in helping these children but this cannot absolve the government of the charges it possess in making these innocent children's life a hell ..

    Well written bhaiya ... this one really touched my heart ...

  3. @Cindy: Welcome to the world of my Wandering Thoughts... Feel free to explore more! I am glad that the post could connect to you!

    @Mahak: I could not agree more with you. We all should do whatever we can to help out these guys! but then a question also arises on who is genuinely wanting and who will exchange those things that you give for drugs etc.

    @Anonymous: Not only the government but we too, as an individual, should do our part!

    @Rakshit: I am glad that you liked the post! This is something that I too feel strongly about and would love to be a part of something to improve the lives of these people!

  4. written wid so much of passion..
    Hats-off man...

  5. Really heart touching story... this is the true fact of life...

  6. very beautiful and touching Aashish.. Good luck, and will my life be colourful ?

    Someone is Special

  7. Inspired post! nothing have to say more. Please write again for the other side, that is for "colorful life". Thanks.

  8. Thanks man, nice to see a site like this very helpful in my line of social work!

  9. You, my friend, are a gift


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