Sunday, June 26, 2011

The ingenuity that is IIPM

Let’s cut to the chase. We have all heard all sorts of stuff about IIPM, haven’t we?

I was reading through the various posts that I have subscribed to and came across a piece on IIPM written by my batch mate. The post can be read here.
That post got me to search a bit more on the topic, and by topic I mean IIPM, and by IIPM I mean Planman, and by Planman I mean Arindam Chaudhary because it’s not like they are different entities.

See that’s the beauty of it. On the face of it, it may seem like so many different entities. But it all boils down to the one and only stakeholder of that system: Arindam Chaudhary.

So, courtesy Google baba, I started surfing for the various forums and blogs with active discussions going on about IIPM. What I read astonished me, really! I was aware of some of the things but have never kept track of it all and it seems like so many things have been happening in IIPM’s context.

Some of my observations:
  1. I am not sure about the actual education imparted to students, but looking at how vehemently they oppose anything showing IIPM in even the slightly negative light; I am bound to feel that either they are paid to be so or IIPM is a bigger cult that KKK or Masons etc ever were. Fanatic zealotry was the word which came to my mind, and which I do realize maybe redundant exaggeration but that’s what my first impression was.
  2. Why is it that despite there being so much people are accusing an institution of and so much activity going on; the government or the education ministry has not taken a strict enough action against the concerned person.
  3. While we are talking about Lokpal Bill in general, I feel that IIPM deserves a dedicated ombudsman of its own!

And despite all that is visible, or rather not visible but claimed in the advertisements, the institute has the audacity to sue Caravan Magazine, Penguin Publishers and Google for Rs. 50 crore for damaging its “repute”.

Do read the following post at Jam Mag which started all the brouhaha on IIPM. Though the post has been long removed from its original, rightful place; there still are soft copies available (Courtesy Google dev)

A useless observation, search IIPM on Google. Apart from the innumerous IIPM and branches and subsidiary and sister concern’s sites, not a good word anywhere!

Some of the very good articles that I read on IIPM and are a must read for everyone are:
Wikipedia articles IIPM (Look at the controversy segment) and IIPM Controversy 

Images Courtesy:,

Some people are trigger friendly. IIPM, on the other hand, is sue friendly. Hence, whatever I have written is of my own volition and my own viewpoint. Nobody else is responsible for it.

PS: I am not writing anything about the special "connection" that IIPM shares with IIM because an IIM being my alma mater, I feel that it might seem a bit biased. Rest assured, there are several standing jokes, not only at IIMs but at all other institutes with regards to IIPM; none of which I dare mention here because of the facts mentioned in the above paragraph :)


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