Friday, May 28, 2010

Travel Photos!

A Picture is worth a thousand words. This is my entry for BlogAdda Travel Photo challenge

This pic was taken with the intent of capturing only a picturesque lakeside view which, at sunset, was appearing very beautiful; without any couple in it. I was in a cab at that time and feeling too lazy to stop it momentarily and get off to take the picture, I decided to do so in the moving cab. As it happens, when it clicked, there was a couple in the landscape because of the moving cab and the shutter exposure getting delayed and all the technicalities. What makes it special is that it is usually otherwise that you want to take a picture of a person or a couple doing something(s) and yet you end up with a blank stretch. This was so opposite in nature and to that extent that it gave us all quite a few laughs.

What more could ask for the proof of Globalization? The picture was taken in Kolkata. The picture represents a British company, selling a Japanese product in the eastern parts of India. Globalization Indeed.

My Personal favorite. I spotted this in a sprawling mall in Kolkata on…. Wait for it… Valentine’s Day. Guess the mall authorities must have had enough of the couples in their malls (Kolkata is famous/notorious for girls and boys hooking up at a very early age) and were probably trying to act as a kill joy. Though, looking at the turnout, I would say that they failed miserably.

An example of the unity of the Bengalis. Despite the fact that the temperature was soaring and the humidity was providing them with no respite, these honest, hard(ly) working men and women toiled in the scorching sun, out on the main road to form a human chain to launch their protest against the disinvestment of United Bank of India. They also took care not to disrupt the traffic… by too much.

This is what happens when you drink a lot… of cold water… in the changing seasons, sleep only in your shorts with fan on at full speed.

The ubiquituous Pringoo item that i think should be useful to me... 


  1. Nice natural pictures, I liked it.

  2. The first picture is indeed nice as without the couple the picture wouldn't have the same meaning to it!

  3. lolzzz at the last one :P
    loved the picture :) beautiful :)

  4. Loved the first pic. It seems to have third dimension!!

  5. Amazing pics.. The last one is hilarious!


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