Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Wanna Whack?

This post is an entry in BlogAdda’s Wanna Whack contest sponsored by Pringoo.

Here is my entry-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

On my way to work, I pass through Ashram Chowk. One fine day, as I was passing through chowk towards Faridabad, I encountered a lot of traffic despite that time being pretty early in the day. The reason, as I realized later was a female driver, in a new car, talking on her phone, while driving in the middle lane on the road and refusing to budge an inch. At that moment, I really felt like stopping the car and give her a piece of my mind.

At my office, we had three floors and an ultra-slow archaic lift. And I mean reaaallllly slow. On one day, I boarded the lift from ground floor to go to third floor. I was joined by a lady in the lift who couldn’t decide whether she wanted to go to second or first floor. Hence, she ended up pressing both buttons and got off on first floor. Which meant that I had to spend an eternity before I reached third floor. I swear, several of my hair turned grey that day.

A colleague of mine had an irritating habit of making a “tch” sound while trying to explain things to anyone. While that may be okay for a couple of minutes, it really starts getting on your nerves when you have to hear it on a continuous basis.

Yet another one on traffic woes… A sudden indicator-less lane changing by a motorcycle-F1-wannabe-driver and a Honda-City-Jat led to a 10 meter serial car bumping incident and brought the traffic to a standstill. Interestingly, as we were all stuck in the line-up, the Honda city driver took a left turn and disappeared from the scene while the wannabe F1 driver pulled another F1 stunt and sped away. While, we were stuck there for fault of anyone stuck there. Makes you wish you had some projectile to throw at them.

One of lectures at my institute took was looking like it might stretch beyond normal 90 minutes slot. That lecture being at the end of a very long day, was already getting pretty boring, and nobody was in any particular mood to letting it continue. The professor, though, had other things in mind and requested the class to bear for another 15 minutes. Though most of the class got ready to groan at that moment, a first bencher took the opportunity to enhance their credibility with the prof and told the prof that it would be ok to continue the lecture. The whole class was giving him the murderous looks. But that wasn’t all, he also asked several questions from the prof which further fueled the restlessness of the class. That was a classic incident how you desperately want to whack someone yet can’t.


  1. The last instance is a classic case. such wannabes need to smacked and whacked hard!

    Good one dude. all the best :)

  2. Good post man !! I can empathize with you on the last one, only difference being we (my classmates) did use the whack the shit out of that guy..ATB :-)

  3. nice one man... all the best with your contests... and we all had such CP masters in our sections.. though some were bigger CP master than others :)


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